Thursday, September 20, 2012

An AwkwardHello ^^

My name is Liana and I'm an English Department Student and I'm here to share my experiences and experiments wiff make-ups and skin-cares XD

I have oily-yet-acne prone skin since I was in High School. If you ask me why, then my answer is "I started to use random skin-cares at that time."
Unlike other High School girls who really care abt their appearance, I didn't really care abt it. After I graduated, I realize that I should start to pay attention to my appearance. kkk

Well, I think it's better to make list about myself kkk~ just check it out^^

1. Have oily-yet-acne prone skin that is really hard to take care of.
2. Cannot live without eyeliner ;;__;;
3. Yes, I am English dept. student, but don't expect that I'm good in English.
4. I love Kpop. Syuju, DBSK, EXO, and Big Bang. *I like Boybands only ._.\/ #nooffence
5. I enjoy writing romantic fan fictions ._.

Well, I'm not really good at writing this kind of thing. this is the hardest part ._.
By the way, thank you for read this awkward intro. bangapsumnidaa~

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